10 Powerful Tips to Crack RSCIT Exam

10 Powerful Tips to Crack RSCIT Exams

Now, it’s time to discuss 10 tips to crack RSCIT exam. All my dear students ask me many times “Sir, what is the trick to pass in RSCIT exam”. So today i decided to publish a post about these most asked questions by RSCIT students.  At this crucial time, it is important to have some tips to crack RSCIT exams.

RSCIT (Rajasthan State Certificate Course in Information Technology) exam in conducted by VMOU (Verdhaman Mahaveer University, Kota) in almost every 2 or 3 months.   In the series of exam 23 December , 2018 RSCIT exam going to be held on all over Rajasthan by VMOU and RKCL (Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Ltd.) jointly.   With just a few days left for the examination, your preparation might be in full swing, right? While there are students who have started their preparation, there are also those who don’t know how to plan their RSCIT exam.

If we go with the experts, dedicated practice and revision are the major factors that can lead to success. If you are somebody targeting the upcoming RSCIT exam, go through these tips to crack RSCIT exam!

1. Know the syllabus of the RSCIT examination well-

RSCIT exam is as vast as an ocean, and you need to know the important topics as per syllabus. Cut down extra information and focus on important topics. Since we know RSCIT exam covers basic computer course syllabus as introduction to computers, MS-Office, internet operations etc. It is beneficial for you to find out most asked questions for old RSCIT papers and if you found common questions then you will need to prepare them separately. This will give you ample time to concentrate on the parts of the syllabus that are not covered.

Important Topics for RSCIT exam are:

  • Introduction to Computers.
  • Uses of Computers
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Internet Applications
  • Operation System
  • MS-Word Basic
  • MS-Word Advance
  • MS-Excel Basic
  • MS-Excel Advance
  • MS-PowerPoint Basics
  • MS-Access
  • Microsoft Outlook Basics
  • Latest Trends in IT
  • Computer Administration
  • Computer Networking

2.  Read Good Study Material for RSCIT Exam-

Yes, that’s the most important element! While selecting the right study material for RSCIT exam is little confusing, with the help of teachers and online expert assistance, you can choose the right one. First of all read rsict authorized book publish by VMOU and RKCL. When you enroll in rscit course your center allots you a book. It is bible for rscit exam. All questions appear in the exam form this book only.  You can consult your center faculty and see which book they referred. Try to get an idea about preparation style form center faculty or from other batch students. You should prepare study notes for RSCIT, solve previous exam event’ question papers and take mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy.

Do not really only on private publisher books such as one week series, pass books etc. To get clear in rscit exam you should know the thumb rule that is- Read authorized book only.

One of the greatest challenges of the RSCIT examination is the time limitation. Students have to finish 35 questions in 60 minutes (1 hours). Time management is a mandatory skill that is required for this exam. While practicing at home, make sure that you keep the time limitation in mind. see complete solution of  RSCIT old  question paper; focus on the frequently asked questions, topics and pattern.

4.  Do not go for guesswork

Many students have the tendency of taking the guesswork route for solving questions However; it might prove risky, because if you want to get passed in RSCIT exam then you have to right at least 14 questions in paper. It is recommended to leave a question completely if you do not know the right answer. This is one of the most important tips to crack RSCIT Exam!

5.  Work on weaker areas

RSCIT exam is based on practical skills. It covers 60% practical knowledge and 40% theoretical knowledge. It is possible that you are very strong in one computer skill and weak in the other. Try and work hard more on the weaker areas to strengthen them. If required, go to your center and revise all chapters which have needed the practical skill. Brush up your skill and fine tune it. Take help from a friend or take extra classes for the exam.

6.     Create an effective study plan

Time is priceless. We all know this, yet many students fail to make the proper use of time. In order to implement the setting of a goal, make sure to ask one some questions: What is my goal? Is my goal realistic? How much effort has to be put in to fulfill my goal? Until and unless you make a complete and thorough schedule of the way you want to study, you will not be able to complete the syllabus. Plan for the week in advance and figure out chapters that you need to prepare from the beginning.

7.     Regular Study Breaks

We are humans and not machines. So, we require timely rest as, after all, even machines need some rest to get back to working efficiently. Hence, it is essential to realize that one can’t maintain an optimum level of concentration without taking an optimum break to recover. But beware that you don’t bring the breaks on a higher priority than studies. Breaks can be in the form of a ten-minute walk, a trip to the gym, having a chat with a friend or simply taking a small nap.

8.     Use New Technology Learning Methods

You can use new technology learning methods. Through online tools, social media, blogs, videos or mobile apps, learning has become easy, interesting and user-centered today. If you wish to learn online, then career planet YOUTUBE CHANEL is a great place to learn. On this YouTube Chanel you can find all RSCIT old papers with their solutions in Hindi.

9.     Make and follow a time table

Once you understand 'What to prepare?'  it's your turn to plan 'How to prepare?' Make a time-table with both short-term and long-term goals that would help you in timely preparation for the exam. A time table makes you more disciplined and helps you to get rid of haphazardness.

10.     Focus on concepts- No rote learning

Focus on understanding the concepts throughout your preparation. Do not adopt rote learning technique. Understanding helps you to remember the concepts for a very long period of time. Moreover, with a clear understanding of the concepts, you can comfortably handle questions related to those concepts.

For more info about rscit course and exam pattern please visit to RKCL official website.

All the very Best!

Team Career Planet