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  1. __________ is a personal information manager, which is mainly used as an email application and also includes calendar, task manager, note taking, journal and web browsing.
    (A) MS-Excel
    (B) MS-Paint
    (C) MS-Access
    (D) MS-Outlook 
  2. Suppose a directory contains sub-directories and some files. What happens whenever you move that directory from one location to another location?
    (A) Only files inside the directory are moved.
    (B) Only sub-directories inside that directory are moved.
    (C) The directory is moved but the source file is not moved.
    (D) All files and sub-directories inside that directory are moved.
  3. ________ is especially useful if the document is almost done, and you are working with others to make revisions and feedback.
    (A) Windows Hello
    (B) Scan Disk
    (C) Track Changes
    (D) Pivot Table

  4. What are the correct steps of Backup and Restore in MS-Outlook 2010?
    (A) First export your contents from outlook as .pst file and import everything in one go onto different computer or into another mail profile.
    (B) Create a note and save it into another computer.

    (C) Copy the whole spreadsheet onto other computer.
    (D) There is no Backup and Restore process in MS-Outlook 2010.

  5. You see the thumbnails of all the slide in your presentation to easily rearrange them in:
    (A) Slide show view
    (B) Review
    (C) Animation View
    (D) Slide Sorter View

  6. ______ is the shortcut key to start slide show from the current slide in MS-PowerPoint.
    (A) Shift+F5
    (B) Ctrl+F5

    (C) Ctrl+Shift+F5
    (D) None of the above
  7. ________ is used to make a web page.
    (A) HTTP
    (B) FTP
    (C) HTML
    (D) None of the above

  8. Which key enables you to delete the character(s) to the right of the cursor?
    (A) End
    (B) Backspace
    (C) Delete
    (D) Home

  9. The process of copying a file into CD/DVD is often called as-
    (A) Storing
    (B) Burning
    (C) Pasting

    (D) Assembling

  10. Which folder provides temporary storage for files and folder that you delete?
    (A) Calculator
    (B) Dustbin
    (C) Recycle Bin
    (D) New Folder

  11. Using ______ keyboard keys you can permanently delete the file/folder such that it is not even available in Recycle bin.
    (A) Ctrl + Shift
    (B) Shift + Esc
    (C) Ctrl + Alt
    (D) None of the above

  12. ________ is a bottom most horizontal bar in MS-Word 2010, which contains several option like page number, word count etc.
    (A) Title Bar
    (B) Status Bar
    (C) Board Bar
    (D) Heading Bar

  13. What happens if you edit an image inserted on PowerPoint?
    (A) The source file that was inserted is not changed
    (B) The source file that was inserted is changed

    (C) The source file is changed when you save the presentation
    (D) None of the above

  14. If user uses MS-Access 2010 and wants to share database with other users who uses MS-Access 2003 or earlier then the user must use the following file format:
    (A) .accdb
    (B) .adb
    (C) .mdb
    (D) .vdb

  15. If you add a recipient email address in _______ message is send to that recipient, and recipient name is not visible to other recipients of the message.
    (A) To
    (B) CC
    (C) BCC
    (D) Subject

  16. What is the meaning of acronym GBPS?
    (A) Good bits past secure
    (B) Great bits previous secure
    (C) Global bits public secure
    (D) Gigabits per second

  17. Which of the following is a storage device?
    (A) CRT Monitor
    (B) Hard Disk
    (C) Bar Code Reader
    (D) Micro phone

  18. Choose the most appropriate option from following:-
    (A) The output quality of printer is measured in Hz.
    (B) Debit cards and credit cards can be used in Electronic Payment System.
    (C) OMR stands for only magnetic Reader.
    (D) Skype is an example of system software.

  19. The ribbon in MS-Word 2010 consists a series of:
    (A) Gates
    (B) Windows
    (C) Tabs
    (D) Doors

  20. Statement 1: Watermark option is used to insert ghosted text behind the content of the page in MS-Word.

    Statement 2: Indent option is used to change the spacing between the paragraphs in MS-Word.

    Choose the appropriate option form the following:

    (A) Statement 1 is CORRECT and Statement 2 is INCORRECT.
    (B) Statement 1 is INCORRECT and Statement 2 is CORRECT.

    (C) Both Statement 1 and Statement 2 are INCORRECT.
    (D) Both Statement 1 and Statement 2 are CORRECT.

  21. Which of the following is an example of web browser?
    (A) Google
    (B) Apple
    (C) Mozilla Firefox
    (D) Microsoft

  22. Suppose obtained marks of each paper are in B2 to B7 Cells. Maximum Marks are 100 for each paper. What is the correct formula to calculate percentage in MS-Excel 2010?
    (A) =SUM(B2:B7)/600*100
    (B) =600*100/SUM(B2:B7)
    (C) OBTAIN(B2:B7)/600*100
    (D) All of the above

  23. What is the use of Paste with Live Preview in MS-Excel 2010?
    (A) It avoids repetitive hit and trails and you can effortlessly reuse content previewing.
    (B) It will repair all the files and folder.
    (C) It work to compute unknown values.
    (D) There is no such preview available in MS-Excel 2010.

  24. A utility that can be used to minimize the number of fragmented files and improve the access speed is:
    (A) Disk Light
    (B) Data Defragmenter
    (C) Refragmenter
    (D) WPAN

  25. What is Google play Store?
    (A) It is an international online software store developed by Google for android devices.
    (B) It is an online store to sell hardware device for android device.
    (C) It is a chat program, where people use to chat with each other.
    (D) It is physical store where you can buy anything.

  26. What is the use of Shift + F3 shortcut key in MS-Excel 2010?
    (A) To insert an image
    (B) To open a new sheet
    (C) to save the existing sheet
    (D) to insert a function

  27. Which of the following is not an Operating System?
    (A) MS-Windows XP
    (B) MS-Windows 7
    (C) MS-Windows 8
    (D) MS-Windows 9

  28. ________ is used to send digital data over telephone line.
    (A) Scanner
    (B) LAN
    (C) Modem
    (D) Pen drive

  29. Which of the following are the parts of CPU?
    (A) ALU,CU
    (B) ALU, Mouse
    (C) ALU, IC
    (D) CU, Mouse

  30. DNS service must translate _____ into the corresponding _______.
    (A) IP address, Domain name
    (B) Domain Name, IP address
    (C) Client, Server
    (D) Folder, File

  31. _______ is a service model in which data is maintained, managed and backed up remotely and made available to users over a network.
    (A) Firewall
    (B) Fiber optics
    (C) Li-fi
    (D) Cloud Storage

  32. You can charge your phone, table or other device wirelessly by putting the device on charging pad, without having physically plugged in is generally referred as:
    (A) Inductive charging
    (B) Mega charging
    (C) Beta charging
    (D) Giga charging

  33. What is Big Data?
    (A) It is used to enhance overall appearance of the document in MS-Word 2010.
    (B) A utility to copy formatting from one area in the worksheet and apply it to another area.
    (C) It is a directory that is moved into source directory.
    (D) It is data sets that are so voluminous and complex that traditional data processing application software are inadequate to deal with them.

  34. Which of the following helps to prove the identity of the sender in Information security?
    (A) Confidentiality
    (B) integrity
    (C) Authentication
    (D) None of the above

  35. Which of the following is a valid type of network topology?
    (A) Bus
    (B) Train
    (C) Circle
    (D) Hexagon