Web Design course is ideal to create your own website but due to lack of skills or knowledge we can not do so. In this course you learn HTML Basic, HTML 5, Cascading Stylesheeyts (CSS), Java Script, Jquery,Photoshop, PHP and WordPress.

Students also learn how to create Responsive Web Sites which deliver web pages in variable sizes for desktop, laptop, tablets, cell phones etc.

Web Designing Course Career Planet
  • Web Clients, Web Elements
  • Design Principles
  • DNS, Static & Dynamic Website
  • Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Java Script
  • Libraries & Templates
  • Feedback forms & Validations
  • DOM
  • Photoshop for web page design
  • WYSIWYG Web Editors
  • Site Definitions & Site Navigation Types
  • Creating Contents-Master Pages
  • Site Structure
  • Landing Pages
  • Site Map
  • PHP¬†
  • WordPress¬†
  • Database Connectivity
  • Client-Side or Server Side Scripting
  • Localhost or IIS
  • XML
  • Payment Gateway Methods
  • Domain Purchase Process
  • Web Hosting Tools
  • Drag & Drop Website Builders
  • FTP
  • Site Testing & Maintenance
  • Site SEO (Search Engine Optimizations)
  • SEO Tools
  • How to Create Your Website Design Agency