Sale of Capital Goods under GST Entries in Tally

sale of capital goods under gst entries in Tally

In this post, we discuss Sale of Capital Goods under GST Entries in Tally. Capital goods are those assets of a business which are used in manufacturing process. It mainly used in the production process of a company. Businesses purchase capital goods with the objective that not sell out in future. After GST implementation in…

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All about Depreciation Accounting

Depreciation Accounting using Tally

Learn depreciation accounting in tally. What is depreciation? How to pass depreciation accounting entries in books. Methods of depreciation accounting- WDV & SLM. Provision for Depreciation & Accumulated Depreciation accounting in Tally. Complete Tally GST course Udaipur,Rajasthan. Tally Training classes to master in practical accounting practice.

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