FMCG Store, Retail Store Accounting under GST

fmcg retail store accounting

Accounting is an art of recording financial transactions in books. Today we are discussing accounting process for FMCG Store. FMCG Store means a store which sold out fast moving consumer goods. Mainly daily uses products such as soap, milk, chocolates, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, sugar, coffee, tea¬† and some common drugs etc. All these…

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Sale on Approval basis under GST Tally Accounting

sales on approval under GST

What is the accounting treatment of goods sent on approval basis or goods deliver without invoice under GST. All accounting entries are explain using GST Tally ERP 9. Join GST Tally Course at Career Planet Udaipur. Learn Step by Step Process to record sale on approval transaction in gst with tally erp 9.

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