Tally Prime-Next Generation Tally by Tally Solutions

What is Tally Prime

Occasionally, you get the opportunity to transform what you consider normal. Once you do that, you cannot imagine life without having made the transition. At Tally Solutions, they are working for the last 30 years making software that tries to give you this experience - while helping you automate your accounting, inventory, compliance, etc.

In the last few months, they have been working towards reimagining the familiar experience of Tally and are now proud to share their brand new product – TallyPrime, with you.

What is Tally Prime

Tally Prime is the upcoming latest version of Tally ERP 9. Tally Prime will offer you never seen before features in Tally which will amaze your overall Tally experience. Tally Prime is upcoming ERP software with a whole new user experience from the house of Tally Solutions. So, Tally ERP 9 journey has come to an end now. Tally is the Most Powerful Tool to Manage & Improve your Business operations. Tally Solutions announced the latest Tally ERP 9 version named Tally Prime.


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Tally Prime Launch Date

Everyone has been eagerly waiting for the Tally Prime update which is expected to be launched in the second week of November 2020. by Tally Solutions. Only a valid TSS is enough to upgrade to Tally Prime, subject to guidelines and policies set by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

How to Download Tally Prime

It is free of cost, If you have already using licensed Tally ERP 9 Software and having a valid TSS subscription then you can get free of cost upgrade to Tally Prime by Tally Solutions.

This new Tally Prime Software operational only in the 64-bit operating system. So if you have a 32-bit computer system then sorry it will not work on it.  If you want to work on tally prime then upgrade your computer system as soon as possible. Existing users with valid Tally ERP 9 TSS subscriptions will get a free upgrade to tally prime.

Students who want to learn Tally Prime, get a free educational version at tally solutions website after final launch by tally solutions.

Tally Prime Objective

(1) Simplify the simplest so you can discover the product easily and make the product do more for you without learning anything new

(2) Introduce greater flexibility to help the product adapt even more to your business and way or working

(3) Transform the look and feel to make you love the product even more

Gateway of Tally Prime
Gateway of Tally Prime

Tally Prime Experience

  • Fresh Look & Feel
  • Transaction Experience
  • Report Experience

Prime Navigation

  • Top Menu
  • Go To
  • New Shortcuts

Prime Technology

  • Self-Repair & Help
  • Remote Access & TRiB (Tally Report in Browser)
  • Save Paper- Optimize Printing

Tally Prime Features

  • Ability to handle multi-state GST
  • Connected Environment with GSTN
  • Easy Navigation
  • Easy to Implement
  • Blazing Fast Speed
  • Support Multi-Tasking
  • Dropdown Menu Support
  • Excellent User Interface
  • Connected Environment with Bank & GSTN
  • Delightful new experience
  • Handle simple and advance Transactions
  • Simple and secured connected services
Go to option interface in tally prime
Go to option in Tally Prime

Other Enhancements

Here are some other enhancements that have been introduced to make your life simpler and delight you. While there are several experiences tally solution introduced in TallyPrime, here are a few that will make you never want to go back to any older version.

  • GoTo and SwitchTo Option- new GoTo and SwitchTo capability help you find things existing in the product which you might not have known about or what they could do for you and discover new insights to run your business better. It also helps you multi-task better, moving from report to report while keeping track of your previous actions.
  • Reporting Engine- A new magical reporting engine gets even more insightful with Change View, Basis of Values, and Exception Reports that you will find across the product.
  • Change View suggests alternative views of the same report to get better insights. Want to look at fortnightly sales trends from your sales register or your stock summary item-wise? Change View will make it happen.
  • Basis of Values changes the parameters in the reports to provide a different perspective. Want to look at overdue bills only in your outstandings report or your working capital while reviewing your balance sheet? Basis of values will make it happen.
  • Exception Reports highlights data in the reports that you should know that stand out. Want to filter out stock items with negative balance or post-dated transactions from your daybook? Exception reports will make it happen.
  • Data entry and recording experiences are now dramatically simpler - molding Tally to your business completely. The More Details capability allows you to handle all sorts of situations you encounter in your business every day.
  • Support Manager- TallyPrime has been designed in a way that you will rarely need any support or help in running the product as per your needs. In case you do, in-product help will guide you so you can figure a way out for yourself. Your product and system information on the About page will help Tally Solutions to help you better.
  • Setup manager - The product comes with an intelligent setup manager. This tool can interact with all the components of the system where Tally is running and guide you to troubleshoot licensing or application run-time issues if any.
  • Printing out your invoices and reports is not only much more convenient in TallyPrime with the print anything from anywhere capability but also eco-friendly. You can now save up to 80% of paper with the optimized way of printing.
  • Windows key- Introduction of windows key combinations like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V for harmonization.
  • Windows Folder System- You can now traverse windows folders from within the product while finding a location to either create company data in or to load existing company data.
  • Mouse compatibility has been enhanced in the product so you can use the product as comfortably as you use it with the keyboard.
  • Single Sign-On- Introduction of Single Sign-On experience so you can load multiple companies with the same credentials using a single log-in.
  • Change Mode- Introduction of Change Mode to toggle between the various modes of a transaction without needing to worry about pre-configurations.

with the new Top Bar, Right Bar, and more consistent user experience - you will not only be able to simply move to the new TallyPrime without any hesitation but also not be able to imagine life without it.

Tally Prime Update

It is a revolutionary update in the field of ERP software. Now Tally users experience the new Tally Prime software with a new and unique refreshing look and feel and it will defiantly change the world of the tally users. Previously Tally solution announced a new version of Tally ERP 9 is Tally 18, but recently news comes from the tally solution that they will release a brand new version known as ‘Tally Prime’. This update is going to provide everyone with great features and a refreshing appearance.

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