How to Use Macros in Microsoft Word

macros in Microsoft Word

What is a macro?

Macro is a function which has a group of commands and instructions in it, to perform a particular task. When we call a macro it will do the task automatically. Using macro we can save our important time and efforts. Macro is a recording tool it records each activity which you are doing with MS-word document file.

What can you do with macros in Microsoft Word?

In Microsoft Word, whenever you find some task which is regularly repeated in your office or in your daily life, then you can create a macro for it. As you know it is recording tool, so you can record your letter drafting process, your document formatting, your table work, your bulleted list, numbers list etc.

Create a macros in Microsoft Word?

In MS-Word if you want to create or run macro then follow the process-

  1. Go to View TAB > Macros > Record Macros.
  2. Type Macro Name in the dialog box.
  3. If you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to your macro then click on shortcut button and press unique key combination.
  4. Please Note Check carefully that whether that combination’s keys you selected is already assigned to something else in Microsoft word or not. If it's already assigned, try a different combination.
  5. To use this keyboard shortcut to other MS Word Files, be sure the Save changes in the box says Normal.dotm.
  6. Click Assign.
  7. Press OK.
record macro in ms word
macro recording in Microsoft word

Now your macro is ready to record all activate on your Microsoft word document. Macro records all your clicks and keystrokes but word macro does not record a selection of text during its recording process.

Run a macro in MS Word?

To run a macro you can use two different options-

First, you can run the macro using keyboard shortcut which is assigned by you. Second, you can go to view tab > Macro > view macros> select then the name of macro given by you.

To view macros, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Alt+F8.

Word Macro Example-

You can watch and learn the process to create and run macros in MS-Word from over below video. In this video, you can learn two macro examples-

  1. Automatic Letter Formatting.
  2. List of Name with automatically enclosed with braces.