RSCIT Answer Key 20 October 2019 RKCL

rscit answer key 20 October 2019

Welcome Dear RSCIT student, know we are here to discuss rscit answer key 20 October 2019 exam event. RKCL and VMOU organize back to back exam events for their students. We are very delight to analyze the rscit answer key once again. Now it’s another exam event going to be held on Sunday, 20 October 2019. In this particular exam event all old students (that means students they opt for old syllabus and enroll in previous batches) as well as all new students (that means students opt for new syllabus and enroll in latest batches), both have participated in this exam event.

We at ‘Career Planet Computer Education’ always give you accurate and in-time information about the exam and rscit answer key.

So know we are here for discussing the RSCIT exam answer key 20 October 2019. This exam event is based on new and old RSCIT Syllabus. It is the first exam in which both old and new syllabus students appear.  It is the last chance for the old syllabus student to clear in the exam. I hope all students who opt for the old syllabus clear in it.

Let’s start discussing today’s answer key.

VOMU RSCIT Answer Key 20 October 2019 Official Declared-

This is the second official rscit exam event based on the new syllabus. You can find the official rscit answer key of the 20 October 2019 exam at on Vardhman Mahaveer Open University Kota, known as (VMOU), website You can also download and check the official answer key from our website.

If you have to found any problem in the authorized answer key issued by VMOU, then feel free to contact university by submitting your problem related to answer key at following email address before 25 October 2019-

vmou rscit answerkey 20 october 2019

RKCL RSCIT Exam Important Topics (New Syllabus) –

  1. Introduction to Computers.
  2. Computer System
  3. Exploring Your Computer
  4. Introduction to the Internet
  5. Digital Payments & Platforms
  6. Internet Applications
  7. Digital Services for Citizens of Rajasthan
  8. Accessing Citizen Services in Rajasthan
  9. Exploring Common Citizen Centric Services
  10. Working with Mobile Devices/ Smartphone
  11. Microsoft-Word
  12. Microsoft-Excel
  13. Microsoft PowerPoint
  14. Cyber Security and Awareness
  15. Computer System Management
  16. Getting More from Your Computer

RS-CIT Exam 20 Oct 2019 Important Tips 

We analyze old rscit exam papers for you and found some tips for you. We summarized it for you as follows-

  1. Computer System and Introduction- 5 to 6 Questions
  2. Internet- 6 to 7 Questions
  3. Operating System- 2 Questions
  4. Microsoft Word- 3 Questions
  5. Microsoft Excel- 3 Questions
  6. Microsoft PowerPoint- 1 Question
  7. Digital Payments and Platforms- 2 Questions
  8. Digital Facilities-3 Questions
  9. Cyber Security- 1 Question
  10. Managing Computers and Other applications of Computers- No Question

What is the RSCIT COURSE?

RSCIT is a basic computer course known as ‘Rajasthan State Certificate in Information Technology’ course in the state attempts to propagate IT Literacy and functionality among the people to bridge the digital divide, resultant Knowledge divide, and opportunity divide.

RS-CIT is a basic comprehensive computer course; designed in such a way that helps in developing a fundamental understanding of computers, helps in learning the essential skills to use a computer with confidence, be more productive at home or work, use technology to complement lifestyle and growth in career.

The government of Rajasthan has also found this course suitable for IT literacy and recognized under the Department of IT & Communications.

RSCIT is a well-known computer basic course run and managed by Rajasthan knowledge corporation Ltd. (RKCL). Know RSCIT is an essential qualification for selected Rajasthan state government jobs.

VMOU RSCIT Result 20 October 2019 Declared-

Click below link to find your RSCIT 20 October 2019 Exam Result by VMOU-


VMOU- Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University, Kota organized exam for RSCIT students all over the state. VMOU create rscit exam centers in different district and tehsil headquarters in Rajasthan. Three to four exam events are conducted by the university in the whole academic calendar year.

RSCIT Exam Admit Card-

Dear Students, Your RSCIT exam admit cards are issued by VMOU, Kota. Please contact your computer center where you got admission to the rscit course and collect the admit card. Don’t go surfing the internet and search how to download rscit exam admit card. Your admit card is only available at your learning center. So do not open multiple false websites to download it.

Passing Marks in RSCIT Exam-

Students declared passed in the RSCIT exam only when he/she score 28 marks in external paper and 12 marks in internal paper separately. In external paper total 35 multiple choice questions out of 35 questions, you have to correct 14 questions minimum to got passing marks in external paper. In the internal paper, which you gave an online exam at your computer learning center known as ITGK (Information Theology Gyan Kendra) and got 12 marks minimum to pass in the rscit exam.

In simple words, if you correct you’re 14 questions each carrying 2 marks in the external paper then you score 28 marks and declared passed in the exam by VMOU. If you want to clear this exam please read our previous article-

10 Powerful Tips to Crack the RSCIT Exam

Biometric Attendance-

If you are the student of the rscit course, then it is compulsory to give a minimum of 22 biometric attendances at your learning center. Otherwise, you are not eligible for final exams.

Book for RSCIT Exam-

Many students ask a question about the best rscit book. Which is the best book to read out in the exam? So, when we think about the best book then only one book in the best that is rscit official book published by VMOU and distributed by RKCL. You have taken your copy form your learning center.

Read every chapter of this book. All the questions in the exam coming only form this book. Do not confuse about the book. Many private publishers publish rscit question bank or model paper books. They are good but not authenticate, not fruitful, not reliable. No guarantee that any gas paper or important question may come in your question paper. You have to Faith in the official book, it is the best book. Focus on your learning, no gas work working in the exam, only your practical skill is helpful because it is a computer practical based exam, not a theory-based exam.


VMOU, Kota provides the provisional E-Certificate to successful rs-cit examines from November 2018 examination. If you want to download the certificate, first of all, you have to enroll your aadhar card at your center then center generate an e-certificate for you. The provisional e-certificate can be downloaded for student’s SSO(Single Sign-On) login. This is free of cost facility provided by the university. The provisional e-certificate valid until the issuance of the physical certificate. 

How to Appear in RSCIT Re-Exam-

If you fail in the upcoming rscit exam held on 20th October 2019 then you have to apply for a re-exam event at your learning center. The re-exam process starts after the result declared by the University. You have to 3 more chances to appear in the exam.

Focus on New Topics in RSCIT Exam

According to the new syllabus, some important topics are now covering very large numbers of questions in the exam.  All topics based on the Digital Rajasthan scheme and covers Rajasthan Government Social Welfare Schemes and Digital inclusion schemes.

  1. Introduction to the Internet
  2. Digital Payments & Platforms
  3. Internet Applications
  4. Digital Services for Citizens of Rajasthan
  5. Accessing Citizen Services in Rajasthan
  6. Exploring Common Citizen Centric Services
  7. Working with Mobile Devices/ Smartphone
  8. Cyber Security and Awareness


  • Maximum Marks- 70
  • Total No of Questions (MCQ Based)- 35
  • Each Question carries 2 Marks.
  • Passing Marks- 28
  • Medium – Hindi & English.
  • Duration- 1 Hour.
  • Date- 20 October 2019, Sunday.
  • Exam Timing 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM

About RKCL-

RKCL - Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited is a Public Limited Company established in Rajasthan as a joint venture of Government of Rajasthan; Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL), Pune; University of Rajasthan; Jaipur, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur; Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University, Kota; Rajcomp Info Services Ltd. and Centre for e-governance. It was incorporated on 25th April 2008 under the Companies Act, 1956 having CIN U 80302 RJ 2008 PLC 026433.

The main objective of the company is to create an IT environment and to create competitive manpower for IT and IT-enabled service. RKCL works to create a new educational framework that can plan, implement, supervise and regulate the developing needs for IT skills in the 21st century in the State of Rajasthan by promoting the IT-enabled education programs.

The main focus area where RKCL working that is digital literacy, e-Learning, e-Governance, e-services,e-Empowerment.

For more information please visit rkcl official website:-

Who We Are-

We are an authorized training center of Rajasthan knowledge corporation limited RKCL, running our center at Udaipur, Rajasthan. Our authorization code is 47290085. We publish the rscit answer key on our website as well as on our YouTube Chanel. You are advised to visit our website and YouTube Chanel to get all the RSCFA (Tally GST) video tutorial and RSCIT Course Tutorial in the Hindi language. You can match your OMR sheet’s answers with our answer key, but just hold it, we also upload official authorized VMOU answer key on our website; so you are advised to match your answers with official VMOU answer key and sour about your result.

Important Instructions for Students-

  • Kindly bring an original copy of the admit card and any photo ID proof in original (Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter's ID card, Passport, Institution ID card, etc.) along with you.
  • Candidate should report at the examination center before 11:00 to 11:30 AM. After 11:30 AM a Candidate shall not be permitted to enter the examination center under any circumstance.
  • The examination will be held based on the objective question and a black or blue ballpoint pen shall be used by the candidate to fill the OMR sheet.
  • The use of calculators, cell phones, pagers, or any electronic gadgets is not allowed in Examination Hall.
  • if any student found any discrepancy in the admit card, mail to
  • The examination center will not be changed in any case.
  • 6 Digit Roll no has been allotted to the candidate and it is to be filled in the OMR sheet carefully.
  • There will be 4 Series in question booklet and any one series will be allotted to the candidate and it is to be filled in the OMR sheet carefully.
  • The candidate must bring a writing pad with him/her.
  • Kindly read the instructions mentioned in on OMR sheet and question booklet carefully.
  • The candidate has to mention the Roll No. on the Question Booklet.

Disclaimer -

All RSCIT Students are advice to match their answer with officially approved answer key, which is published by VMOU Kota on their official RSCIT answer key published by VMOU, Kota after 2 to 3 days.

Hope all of you doing well in your examination. Good Luck. 

You can also watch old RSCIT exam paper videos on our YouTube Channel.